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Skylanders Swap Force Release Date

Skylanders Kaos AllianceWhile it is certainly true that Skylanders was a massive commercial success, its sequel, Skylanders Giants, was even more popular.

In fact, there have been a few reports issued lately that indicate that Activision has generated more than $500 million from the sale of this game and related merchandise.

Is it any surprise then that Activision is working furiously on Skylanders 3; tentatively called Skylanders Swap Force.

I think it was Fusible that first broke the story that Activision has secured the domain URLs skylanderskaosalliance.com, skylanderssuperforce, skylandersnanoforce, and skylandersswapforce.

Skylanders Swap Force Release Date

When Does Skylanders 3 Come OutSkylanders Kaos Alliance Release Date

Whenever word hits the street of a new game, people immediately begin to ask when the new game comes out. While it is certainly true that no official date has been released, nor would I expect one before the 2013 Toy Fair, many fans, and avid collectors are hoping for an October 2013 release date.

This could, of course, be completely wrong and Skylanders 3 may not come out until sometime in early 2014. Based on the game’s popularity, however, it would only make logical sense to make it available before the Christmas shopping season arrives.

Swap Force All New Characters

One thing you can be absolutely sure about is that there will be a ton of all new characters released. This is Activision’s bread and butter. If the demand for these new figures is as great as the demand for such popular characters as Thumpback, Eye Brawl, Ninjini, and Hot Dog you can be sure that they will release even more incredible figures.

How cool would it be to see a line of Skylanders bad guys. If Kaos continues to play such a large role in the future games it would only make sense that we could one day have a multiplayer mode pitting the heroes against the villains.

Variants and Chase Figures

Of course, many people are only interested in learning as much as possible about any new Skylanders Swap Force variants or chase figures that may be available. I will admit, it is very difficult not to love the gold, silver, clear, and white flocked versions of our favorite characters. If the employee exclusive Prism Break is any indication at where these variants are heading we are in for a really fun fall.

Even if continue to produce the exact same chase figures most of us will be happy. Like I said, these repaints are hard to ignore!